Started on March 23, 2018, the team at Clothes-Funder took a couple boxes of clothing and a small shelving unit and set up shop. With a few quick camera shots, and a some thoughtfully chosen item identifiers we launched our first listing. To save you the long in-between… yada-yada… lots of weekend hours… tons of coffee… yada-yada… a relentless pursuit of growth… we now have many shelving units and the absolute pleasure to offer you thousands of discounted new and pre-owned clothing items, with hundreds being added every week!


Our desire to build something great comes from our passion to promote kindness with every human interaction we encounter. It starts right at home. We employee men and women with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In fact, they make up a bulk of our workforce. It is a pleasure to see the daily smiles on the collective faces within a diversified workforce. These people absolutely know they are making a monster impact on the performance of the whole. When they are allowed to make mistakes and succeed because of it, we are taught a lesson or two about what is really important in life. There is no better teacher for humility and kindness.


Watching the team thrive in an environment that rewards innovation makes opening our warehouse door every morning the greatest feeling in the world. We do it all so we may have the pleasure of serving you, the customer. We make sure we take the extra time in spot-checking our clothing for any and all cosmetic flaws. Only clothing in excellent, or new condition is posted in our store! We really do believe that the little things make all the difference, and I think this is why we highly value being kind. It’s having empathy, it’s caring, it’s not judging people, it’s serving not being served, and it’s trying to make the world a better place one interaction at a time. When we treat each other this way, our vision becomes so much clearer. We guarantee to assist you all the way through the sale, not just stop at the monetary transaction. We desire to make a friend, not just a customer. I believe that this mindset will enable us to help fund great experiences for everyone we come in contact with. We will always strive to make your visit with us memorable. So please drop us a line, even if you just want to chat. We would love to hear from you!


Thank you for taking the time to read our short history,

 Evan & the Clothes-Funder Team